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Nutritional science is foundational to technologies being used to grow and manufacture plant-based products— all entering the marketplace and helping educate, heal and relieve symptoms and diseases.  Dr. Roy Brown’s interest in encouraging Christian healthy lifestyles — eating and ingesting more plant-based foods and products — is primary to his Chairmanship of Therapeutic and Medicinal Plants Division. He brings a plethora of information decimation experience, spending more than 35 years as Media practitioner, an international award winning broadcast journalist — Anchorman, Executive Producer, Reporter, Host, Videographer — for NBC stations in Virginia and Alabama — a stint in New York City, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, PBS and NPR radio in Florida. He has operated his own television production company, producing a magazine program, documentaries and consultancies with corporate executives, honing their messages through advertising, marketing and public relations strategies. He helped create Caribbean Satellite Network, a Miami-based global TV channel — reported on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential inauguration and Caribbean Heads of Government Conference at the White House. He has interviewed some of the world’s notable dignitaries and newsmakers, like South Africa’s Bishop Desmond Tutu and late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazair Bhutto. Dr. Brown has spent the past 16 years in Christian service as Elder, believes man does not live by bread alone, only by the Word of God.

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