Dr. Bernard Garrett

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Dr. Bernard Garrett — Publisher-CEO, Distribution Mail Clerk, Safety Manager — is publisher of Issues of America, magazine — a resource information publication presenting information about developments on major organizations, like — NAACP, Urban League, National Medical and Dental Associations. The magazine assists historically black colleges and universities in recruitment, retention and graduation rates.  Garrett worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 15 years as distribution mail clerk, safety and assistant safety manager-ambassador — ensuring postal facilities and employees comply with adopted safety and electrical codes, manuals, rules and postal service regulations. Dr. Garrett was Georgia Comptroller General-Fire Marshal’s Office Building Safety and Fire Specialist — inspecting buildings for safety compliance and issuing occupancy certificates. He has excellent communication skills, distinctive public speaking, and interpersonal capabilities, ability to lead and train people, capable of making fair and equitable decisions, has the ability to work under pressure and stress while maintaining perseverance and tenacity. He is a Georgia State University graduate, 1995 businessman of the year, a veteran and is married with three children.

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