Dr. Arun Chand

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Dr. Arun Chand is a Corporate Consultant — Senior Financial Officer for Eagles in Flight Agricultural company, and experienced in all areas of business. He has worked in the business   industry for more than 23 years, advising company owners and management on various aspects of corporate structure and operations. Born in India, he graduated in 1987 with honors from the University of Delhi, India, with a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA).
Upon graduation, Arun moved to Maryland in the United States a year later in pursuant of more challenging business environments and opportunities. His entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to form a construction and cleaning company — and where he noticed companies under-performing and needing business consultancy services, Dr. Chand offered his expertise.
California came calling in 2006 and he moved west. While still working with small businesses and start-ups, Dr. Chand expanded his entrepreneurship. After several years in those fields, he began providing construction project management services while retaining his Consultancy business.
Since moving to California, Dr. Chand has continued allowing the Holy Spirit to direct his commitment to seniors and challenged individuals. Motivated to do more, he founded — USA Care Services in 2009 — a non-profit organization that provides health care services to needy and underprivileged people.
Dr. Chand is a man of strong faith and belief in God. Through his experiences he can archive testimonies that explain how good God has been to him, and who has been his keeper and provider in times of need — which further supports why he is undyingly committed to serving the underprivileged of the world with his expertise.

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