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The marketplace is buzzing about organic agriculture and organic animal husbandry. Everyday there is more and more awareness in the general public about the hidden dangers that we face in the modern food supply. The substantial health consequences that people are subjected to as a result of how we now grow and process the food products we eat, both plant and animal, are well documented. Although the side effects are unintended, the chemicals and medicine that is sprayed on the plants and injected into and fed to the livestock, travels up the food chain to the human consumers.

Consequently, people are being diagnosed with ailments that were totally unheard of 30 to 40 years ago. The increased awareness of the general public has created a shift in the demand for food products that are natural and organically grown.

This has created an enormous opportunity for those that grow certified organic produce and meats. The whole movement has now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and expanding rapidly. Against that backdrop there are alliances being formed in the industry to meet the demand and address some of the problems faced by the traditional family farms.

Such projects are being undertaken by Eagles in Flight Organic Agricultural. Hereafter, to be referred to as EIFOA, which is an agricultural entity that is forming partnerships with landowners and farmers in an effort to eliminate hunger across the nation and our world?

EIFOA intends to accomplish this in the following way, with our objective being to bring the necessary material, financial and staff resources to bear with selected partners that have land and farming experience and expertise. We desire to work with individuals who have existing farms of crops or livestock, in addition to individuals that may not have active farming enterprises currently but may have  acreage that, for whatever reason, is not in use for farming purposes.

Our goal is to provide needed resources to help our selected partners to substantially expand their operations. We will also assist land owners with dormant property to have productive enterprises once again.

The partnership projects will be a win for all of the parties involved. A win for our farmer partners who will benefit from larger and more productive farms, a win for the consumers  who will get access to high quality organic products at a more affordable price and a win for EIFOA, who with our partnership agreements, will participate in the growth of our farming partners at a very reasonable level.

EIFOA has formed partnerships with major universities such as LSU, FSU, the University Of Georgia and others. They will also win because EIFOA will be providing some of their students scholarships derived from a portion of the profits of our program. The Auxiliary Staff of EIFOA will also receive one third of the proceeds from production, with our partners receiving a similar percentage as well.

Initially, we will be working with our partnering universities to establish seedlings in our greenhouses in Apopka, Florida and propagate them to a plantable size. After approximately 45 days there will be plants of nearly 3 inches that will be ready to go in the fields, or to be received by retail establishments. We have the capability of germinating up to 3 million plants at a time.  Also, we will be searching for partners that are prepared to sign on with EIFOA in a reasonable time frame. Additionally, we will also have up to a million organic strawberry plants available and ready for the market.

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