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Mitchell C. Welch — Master Arbitrator, Corporate Negotiator, has more than 30 years experiencing successes and failures as Human Resource and Efficiency Manager. He worked with private, non-profit and governmental entities to assess political, social, economic and technological trends. As arbitrator Mr. Welch trained corporate negotiators for special executive teams, hence, consummating lengthy business relationships with federal and Fortune 100 Defense contractors.

As an entrepreneur, he founded and operated an Employment Agency—training, marketing and ensuring job placement for overlooked and under-served populations. Mr. Welch has a heart for economically disadvantaged people. Consequently, in an attempt to fill needs, he offered bids to Sacramento County Department of Social Services and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations, successfully landing multiple million-dollar contracts, resulting in managing much required services to these entities.

Instructing his clients in a multi-faceted training portfolio, Mr. Welch emphasizes mastering pro-active communication skills, cultivating cooperative attitudes and endeavoring to generate positive working relationships as precursor to achieving dynamic results. With his years of experience, Welch improves viability of projects and programs through his—Program Return on Investment (PROI), an initiative examining potential social and economic returns on proposed projects that set goals to attain tangible results—all working as a road-map to make projects financially sustainable.

His leadership assist teams with an ability to implement SMARTER goals—an acronym concept that is—specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, timely, extensive, rewarding—all synergized to strengthen strategic relationships that leverage the value of—Consortium Partners—ultimately devoted and dedicated to the work and spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the saving of souls, while simultaneously doing good for mankind.

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